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Zifei Lu


Zifei Lu was born in Shanghai (China) in 1997. She received her bachelor’s degree in chemical biology from Xiamen University (China) in June 2019, with honours from China’s Top-notch Students Scientific Development Pilot Program for Chemistry.


During her time in Prof. Chaoyong Yang’s group in Xiamen University, Zifei took part in two projects respectively regarding lateral flow assay of a disease-related protein and the photo-regulation of DNA hybridization. Zifei also did an internship in Professor Feihe Huang’s group supervised by Dr Jiong Zhou, and another in the Nitschke group supervised by Dr Charlie McTernan.


Zifei returned to the Nitschke group as a PhD student in 2019, funded by the Cambridge Trust in partnership with the China Scholarship Council. When not in lab, Zifei enjoys badminton and good novels.

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