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Aliah Burbayea

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Aliah was born and raised in Kuwait. She was granted a scholarship from the College of Technological Studies in Kuwait to proceed with her undergraduate studies in the USA. She obtained her BSc in Chemistry from the University of Dayton in Ohio, where she carried out research on BODIPY synthesis, and was supervised by Professor Shaun Swavey. In Kuwait she conducted work in quality control laboratories of an oil refinery, a water desalination plant, and an agricultural authority.


In 2021, Aliah received an honorary scholarship from Kuwait University to proceed with her postgraduate education in the UK. She was awarded with the master’s degree in chemistry by research from the University of Glasgow in 2023 under the supervision of Professor Peter Skabara in self-assembly and synthesis.  She joined Professor Nitschke’s group in 2023 to pursue her PhD degree.


During her free time, Aliah enjoys reading novels, having long walks, and visiting new cities.

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