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December 9, 2019

We are really proud that C&EN awarded the antiaromatic nanocage as molecule of the year 2019! Big thanks to everyone who voted for it! This has really been a wonderful work by our colleagues Dr Masahiro Yamashina (now at Tokyo Institute of Technology), Dr Roy Lavendomme (now at University of Ghent), and Dr Tanya...

December 5, 2019

C&EN is taking votes for the molecule of the year 2019. Our antiaromatic nanocage is one of the candidates. If you like our cage, please vote for us, here!

April 17, 2019

A recent review 'Strategies for binding multiple guests in metal–organic cages' (Nat. Rev. Chem. 2019, 3(4), 204–222) published by the group has been featured on the cover of Nature Reviews Chemistry.

Read the full paper here: 

January 4, 2019

A recent paper of the group has been featured in the Royal Society of Chemistry–News&Events. The article entitled “Molecular Submarines” highlights the group’s continued work on the design of water-soluble functional cages, referencing our recent publication in Chemical Science, which has been designated as “ChemSci P...

September 25, 2018

A recent paper published by the group has been highlighted by Science and JACS. The work, lead by Dr Felix Rizzuto, describes the stabilization of otherwise unstable supramolecular complexes inside the cavity of a cuboctahedral coordination cage.

Read the highlights of this paper here:

August 16, 2018

Some of the group's recently published work has been featured in Chemical and Engineering News. The article entitled 'Supramolecular transformer morphs into different shapes' highlights the group's continued work on post-assembly modification and supramolecular structural transformations and references the recent J. A...

September 8, 2017

The group's latest paper 'Signal Transduction in a Covalent Post-assembly Modification Cascade' by Dr Ben Pilgrim and Dr Derrick Roberts has been highlighted in a post on by Heather Zeiger and in a post on

Link to original paper.

The group paper recently celebrated the paper with a themed cake for tea...

December 3, 2015

The group publishes its first paper in the new journal ACS Central Science. The paper looks at how the catalytst control of ligand oxidation can control the assembly of large supramolecular structures. 


Fuel-Controlled Reassembly of Metal–Organic Architectures

Christopher S. Wood, Colm Browne, Daniel M. Wood, and Jonat...

November 17, 2015


Dual stimuli-induced formation of a μ-hydroxido bridged [Zn9L5(μ-OH)6]12+ half-pipe


Christopher S. Wood, Tanya K. Ronson,  Anna J. McConnell, Derrick A. Roberts and Jonathan R. Nitschke


Chem. Sci., 2016, DOI: 10.1039/C5SC03926F.


Access the full paper here.

October 28, 2015



Stacking Interactions Drive Selective Self-Assembly and Self-Sorting of Pyrene-Based MII4L6 Architectures


Tanya K. Ronson, Derrick A. Roberts, Samuel P. Black, and Jonathan R. Nitschke


J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2015, 137 (45), 14502–14512.


You can download the full paper here.

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