Natasha Speakman


Charlotte Fischer was born in Cologne in 1997. After her Abitur in 2015, she spent three months at the Centre for Integrated Oncology (CECAD) at the Cologne University Hospital with a scholarship on her project and another three months at the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) researching at the Institute for Materials Physics. She studied chemistry at LMU Munich from 2016-2021 and completed her Bachelor’s thesis  “Towards a prodrug-modified 2’3’-cyclic di-adenosine monophosphate analogue“ in the group of Prof. Thomas Carell. During her Master’s studies, she joined the group of Prof. Peter Klüfers, working on coordination chemistry and completed an internship at Bayer Pharmaceuticals in Wuppertal, working on the enantioselective synthesis of l-α-amino acids for solid-phase peptide synthesis. She was awarded the national scholarship “Deutschlandstipendium”. In March 2021, she joined the Nitschke group as a visiting student, working on her Master’s thesis project, funded by the Prosa LMU scholarship. In her free time, Charlotte enjoys photography or painting and above all, a cup of coffee with her friends.