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Dr Carles Fuertes Espinosa


Carles Fuertes Espinosa was born in Mont-Ras (Catalonia, Spain) and studied Chemistry at University of Girona (Universitat de Girona, UdG). He obtained a master’s degree at University of Barcelona (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, UAB), investigating the synthesis of supramolecular heteroleptic cages. He completed his PhD in supramolecular chemistry at Qbis-CAT research group under the supervision of Dr. Xavi Ribas in 2020. During his PhD he did a six-months internship at the University of Texas (UTEP, Prof. Luis Echegoyen group). His doctoral research included the synthesis of supramolecular structures for molecular recognition and the reactivity in confined spaces. In October 2020 he joined the Nitschke Research Group as a postdoctoral researcher.




Publication list:


1.     Fuertes-Espinosa, C.; García-Simón, C.; Catro, E.;Costas, M.; Echegoyen, L. and Ribas, X. Chemistry - A European Journal2017, 15, 3553–3557


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6.     Garcia-Simon, C.; Colomban, C.; Aybars-Çetin, Y.; Gimeno, A.; Pujals, M.; Ubasart, E.; Fuertes-Espinosa, C.; Asad, K.; Chronakis, N.; Costas, M. and Ribas, X. Journal of American Chemical Society 2020, 37, 16051–16063

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