Ben Pilgrim talks at 15th RSC-SCI Conference in Sicily

Ben Pilgrim gave a talk entitled 'Inverse electron demand Diels-Alder reactions of tetrazines enable functionally diverse modifications of supramolecular capsules' at the 15th RSC-SCI meeting in Taormina, Sicily. After the conference one of the 3D-printed cage models got a trip up Mount Etna. #Conferences #People

Felix's Paper Highlighted on Inside Cover of Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed.

Felix's Paper entitled 'Peripheral Templation Generates an MII6L4 Guest-Binding Capsule' has been highlighted on the inside cover of Angewandte Chemie International Edition. Supramolecular templation usually employs tightly bound molecules that occupy a central cavity, but this paper reports how a template bound in fast exchange at the periphery of an assembly can also be used, as demonstrated by the generation of a pseudo-octahedral coordination cage that cannot be formed in the presence of centrally binding agents. This design principle allows a templated cage to participate in host-guest chemistry without removing the peripherally bound template.

Group Awarded ERC Advanced Grant

The group has been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant for research into the Functional Systems of Capsules. The award, which was announced on 14 April 2016, will provide funding of €2.47M for 5 years to support the group’s research into using collections of different hollow container molecules to explore the area of systems chemistry. Molecules may pass between the distinct compartments defined by these containers, transforming as they go. It may also be possible to use different signals, such as light or specific chemical stimuli, to induce containers and their guests to jump across phase boundaries, or to uptake and release guests. Jonathan said of the award: “It is a testament to the very hard

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