Aleksandar Kondinski

Aleksandar Kondinski studied chemistry at Jacobs University Bremen. During his graduate studies at the same university, he was introduced to the fascinating world of polyoxometalates (POMs). Under the mentorship of Prof. Thomas Heine, he learned about computational modeling and contributed to the theoretical description of isomeric POMs. Following his graduation, he carried two postdoctoral stages at RWTH Aachen (Prof. Paul Kögerler) and KU Leuven (Prof. Tatjana Vogt) where he enjoyed expanding his horizon on functional POMs. In October 2020 Aleksandar joined the group of Prof. Jonathan Nitschke as an AvH/INT postdoctoral fellow, where he merges the chemistries of POMs and metal-organic cages.  Outside the lab, Aleksandar is also passionate about the development of modelling resources for chemistry didactics and outreach.


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